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December 10, 2022UncategorizedVincent Van Gogh once said. ‘‘If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint then by all means paint, and that voice will be silent.” This beautiful thought resonates perfectly with the Behance Art Expo organised by Oakwood international school on 10-12-2022.The tiny tots of this school surely seem to have embarked on a journey to hone their latent creative abilities. From Nature to everyday life, no concept seemed beyond the creative pursuits of these budding artists who in a splash of colours have created a visual world which came alive that day. The event stood as a platform for young minds to transcend the boundaries of their inherent artistic potential. From bright hues from crayons and colour pencils and distinct palettes of acrylic paint, colour seemed to be everywhere around as the exhibition relied more on the artistic pursuits of the young minds without tethering them to restricted themes. The pre-primary children used brushes, balloons, bubble paper, handprints and embellished their paintings with a riot of colours. The primary children created an intriguing array of paintings depicting landscapes, seasons and nature at their scenic best. Unusual mediums like sand art and mount boards found an equal standing with the more conventionally used canvas and art paper. In the words of art, it is delightful to say that the exhibition was aptly called Behance as it enhances the hidden potential of students with artful and heartful creations of young minds. Our special guest, Smt Jalaja Lingala, a stalwart in the field of education graced the occasion and stood enthralled with the volumes of art expressed on various mediums by tiny hands with vast realms of imagination. The parents and guests who visited the exhibition were seen admiring the masterpieces of the children and everyone present had a good time. The canvas of minds of these little ones is beyond the boundaries of our astonishes us to see these wonderful creations far-fetched from our everyday mundane lives. Behance Art Expo is like a breath of fresh air that touches us gently and inspires us deeply. A child is the best artist on this world with boundless imagination and tons of curiosity. A world full of colours, a rainbow of flowers, birds with wings of hope and a universe of colourful dreams is all possible from the brush of a child!!!!! [...]
December 3, 2022UncategorizedIn today’s era, education is beyond the confines of the classroom. It is now more about the holistic all-round development of the children. And this is where Oakwood International School is leaving no stone unturned to help students to explore their abilities and is providing them different opportunities to showcase their skills. These include exhibitions, special assemblies, presentations and annual celebrations. 19th November 2022 was a memorable and cheerful day for all the students of Oakwood International School as we conducted our annual EDUFEST modelled on the innovative thoughts and concepts of our students. An EDUFEST is a wonderful opportunity that engages students in widening their horizons by applying their learning into practical models. It develops in them the curiosity to learn more in an interesting and exponential way. The event was graced by the inspiring presences of our Chief Guest- Dr. Ramesh Kandukuri, Deputy Director, IGNOU whose vast experience in the field of education has set a worthy example for our students to look up to. Inspired, encouraged and motivated budding Students of Oakwood performed different experiments with great enthusiasm and excitement. They also displayed the wonderful depth and beauty of the Telugu, Hindi and English languages. It was so wonderful to watch our own little Einstein’s and Edison’s come up with beautiful models in Science and Maths to demonstrate what they have learnt .The projects were age appropriate and explained in striking detail by all the participants. The students were eager to answer all the questions of the visitors. The projects were well designed and depicted the concepts beautifully. The language departments also articulated the beauty of our languages and helped the students understand the importance of languages in our educational journey. The parents were also glad to be provided an opportunity to attend the EDUFEST. It was a crowded affair to see many parents drop by to visit the fest and encourage children. The students were equally zealous to explain the concept of their project /experiment to everyone present. The esteemed Chief Guest for the day, Dr. Ramesh Kandukuri, Deputy Director, IGNOU was delighted and overwhelmed by each child’s performance. He appreciated the efforts by the teachers and academic staff involved for the smooth and successful conduct of the event. The EDUFEST event wrapped up only in the evening with the children going home joyful and satisfied even though they all looked exhausted. This exhibition made students more confident, creative, future-ready, and learners for life. It also took the parents and visitors, a few decades into their childhood filled with memories of the classrooms with the sound of chalk on the board, the fragrance of books, the voices of our teachers and friends, the experiments which we all did as children and most importantly the best years of life-The School Days. [...]
February 18, 2022UncategorizedSwami Vivekananda explained education as the manifestation of knowledge already existing in the man. Sri swamy clarified the concept by giving a beautiful example of the generation of a sapling from the seed of a plant. When a small seed is planted in the soil and watered, the sapling comes out of the seed. It takes water from the soil, life force from the sun and grows into a plant. Subsequently it grows into a huge tree. The growth of a plant depends on the nature of the soil and availability of water and sun light. The basic contents for the growth of the plant are embedded in the seed. Similarly in the process of education the parents and teachers have to create the required environment for the child to grow naturally. For this reason, the term facilitator is more appropriate in the educational institutions. The role of a facilitator is very important in the right way of educating the children in the school system. Hence the facilitators should understand the importance of their role in the process of education. Sri Aurobindo  Ghose a  great  philosopher suggested various methods of teaching  like observation,self discovery activity method teaching with love and sympathy , learning by doing, discussion method ,learning by self experience. Education is learning together. [...]
March 1, 2021UncategorizedOnline education is the new normal for both teachers and students. It took a while for both parties to adjust to the new way of academic life. The formal atmosphere, discipline and the camaraderie of classmates were missing here. Struggle with technology and gadgets was another challenge they had overcome. Holding the attention of the wavering young minds was the biggest challenge for teachers and students themselves. But pandemic left them with no choice but to create innovative means to achieve a productive outcome. And as the teachers and the taught waded through, parents continued to be the reliable facilitators in this new realm too. Be it international schools, public schools or government institutions, the inconvenience was palpable initially. With time, school management, faculty and students picked up the threads and ran the marathon, hurdling over every challenge. They found new ways to connect strongly and achieve goals. Eventually they started surfing over online education without much turbulence. The tech-savvy nature of the new generation helped a lot. But the traditional methods of learning and testing wouldn’t leave your system so easily. While they torqued through the new education techniques through the milestone year, but the examination bit remained a challenge. What the students learnt online right through the year, will they be able to analyse and implement it as solutions in an offline atmosphere? The online culture might have impacted the earnestness to write an offline examination. The assurance of classroom education gives a certain confidence to the student, who are used to it since many years. Physically attending a classroom goes a long way in building the foundation stronger. The presence of a teacher, their role model behaviour, values that stand by…all of it does have an effect on the students, their education, personality and more. Hence it is important to revert to the traditional way of teaching and learning, as going to school is not just about academics and marks but about complete personality development of the next generation. Hence the hope is truly high during this critical phase, which is also admissions season for the next academic year, which hopefully returns to the traditional ways of conducting academics. [...]
February 17, 2021UncategorizedCan you imagine life without technology?  Well, no one can. When the Covid-19 pandemic brought life to a standstill, technology was the panacea that saw us through. It provided the impetus to work, study, and get necessities done without compromising safety.  Empowering the next generation Children are our future. To nurture, empower and prepare the next generation for the uncertain future, we need to incorporate innovation and technology into our current education system. And the pandemic has taught us the same. Today it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in. You can access world-class education right from the safety of your home. Online education has empowered children to study at the best of international schools. All they need is a good computer with a steady internet connection.  Going beyond textbooks Though several theories propagate the limitations of online education, practical experience has taught us differently. Digital learning has done wonders in upgrading the learning experience of children. Children now have the flexibility and freedom to pursue their interests like never before. Certified teachers go beyond textbooks to teach empathy, cross-cultural communication, social etiquette and much more. Online education has brought the next generation closer to their families. Children are now more mindful, observing and learning values from elders at home and some are even participating in everyday chores. Catalysts for a bright future Educational institutions including international schools and virtual universities invest a lot in making classes interactive, engaging and gamified. They foster holistic development by adopting innovative teaching methods. Teachers impart personalized experiential learning to ignite creativity and confidence among the wards. Children are equipped to manage cross border interaction and job opportunities in the future. They also imbibe new life skills that foster smart work and time management. Humane and tech-savvy Schools lay the foundation for the future by nurturing and empowering children through education. While they reiterate and enrich the human values in children on one end, they help them handle technology powered lifeskills for a bright future on the other end. [...]
February 10, 2021UncategorizedDid you know that kids opting active school travel (AST) or in simple terms walk or cycle to school reportedly show higher levels of happiness, enhanced mental health, and experience much lower levels of stress throughout the day? Research also shows that kids commuting to school on foot or on bicycle have better immunity, attention spans, traffic sense and to top it all – exhibit better academic performance.  Ah, the perks of sending your child to a school nearby! Check out a few more benefits a school in your surroundings can offer:  Better use of the child’s free time Children can reach home early, relax and restart their after-school activities like completing homework, nurturing a hobby, or simply helping at home. Better use of school amenities In-house sports facilities, school playground, after-school academic support and/or extra-curricular activities – your child can spend more time at school, utilising the amenities the school can offer and  not worry about the commute back home. Better management of your morning time Gives you more time to prepare your child for school every morning; reduces the stress of waking up way early to prepare for school and worrying about your child’s tedious travel to school.  Better involvement in your child’s schooling  Chances of your involvement in your child’s schooling – showing up for Parent-Teacher meetings, school gatherings, managing adhoc pick-up and drop-offs, being available during emergencies, random quick check-ins with teachers etc., are higher when your child’s school is not far off from the place you stay.  Bearing in mind the need to encourage active living and immunity-enhancing habits in school-going children in post-COVID era, it is smart to select a school in your neighbourhood. This academic year, give your child the gift of active lifestyle and yourself the peace of mind a friendly neighbourhood school can offer. [...]
February 5, 2021UncategorizedDid you know that one in five people suffer from cancer globally? Over the past six months, in India alone, 40% of cancer patients have deteriorated from a treatable stage 1 to a life-threatening stage 3.   While the entire world focused on the gruesome Covid-19 pandemic, silent killers such as cancer continue devouring their victims quietly. Lack of timely screening, diagnosis, and treatment took a heavy toll on cancer patients’ health during 2020.  As India’s future citizens, students need to understand, respect, and reach out to cancer victims in every way possible. They must stand up with empathy to bust the myths and destigmatize cancer. Show compassion and care Cancer patients endure emotional rollercoasters as they go through various treatments and procedures. They need love, compassion, and support from their family and friends to help them through this journey. As they are more vulnerable to the Covid-19 than the general populace, they rely on oncology professionals and their dear ones to get through this hard-hitting period. Step up cancer literacy The primary purpose of education is empathy, tolerance, and mindfulness. Students must understand cancer from the right perspective and reach out to cancer awareness as much as possible. But of course, with masks, sanitizers, and social distancing measures.  WHO affirms that 30 to 50% of cancer deaths can be prevented through lifestyle modifications. NGOs and health organizations partner with Government and International schools to spread awareness on the following Cancer prevention measures.  Stop tobacco usageMaintain a healthy weight and dietBe physically active Treat chronic infections and vaccinate regularly The sooner we understand the more we can help to prevent, detect, and treat cancer at early stages.  Do your bit If you meet people battling cancer, be kind to them. Encourage them to be happy, avoid risk factors, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.  [...]
January 28, 2021Uncategorized
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