Together, let’s stand up and support Cancer awareness

Did you know that one in five people suffer from cancer globally?

Over the past six months, in India alone, 40% of cancer patients have deteriorated from a treatable stage 1 to a life-threatening stage 3.  

While the entire world focused on the gruesome Covid-19 pandemic, silent killers such as cancer continue devouring their victims quietly. Lack of timely screening, diagnosis, and treatment took a heavy toll on cancer patients’ health during 2020. 

As India’s future citizens, students need to understand, respect, and reach out to cancer victims in every way possible. They must stand up with empathy to bust the myths and destigmatize cancer.

Show compassion and care

Cancer patients endure emotional rollercoasters as they go through various treatments and procedures. They need love, compassion, and support from their family and friends to help them through this journey. As they are more vulnerable to the Covid-19 than the general populace, they rely on oncology professionals and their dear ones to get through this hard-hitting period.

Step up cancer literacy

The primary purpose of education is empathy, tolerance, and mindfulness. Students must understand cancer from the right perspective and reach out to cancer awareness as much as possible. But of course, with masks, sanitizers, and social distancing measures. 

WHO affirms that 30 to 50% of cancer deaths can be prevented through lifestyle modifications. NGOs and health organizations partner with Government and International schools to spread awareness on the following Cancer prevention measures. 

  • Stop tobacco usage
  • Maintain a healthy weight and diet
  • Be physically active 
  • Treat chronic infections and vaccinate regularly

The sooner we understand the more we can help to prevent, detect, and treat cancer at early stages. 

Do your bit

If you meet people battling cancer, be kind to them. Encourage them to be happy, avoid risk factors, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

4 thoughts on “Together, let’s stand up and support Cancer awareness”

  1. Cancer is a fatal and life threatening disease which is a serious issue in the world. Many people died because of this painful disease and many are suffering from its pain. Cancer is a condition in which affected cells start uncontrolled division and gradually spread in over the body thus creating very serious illness and leaving the affected person in a very painful condition. Cancer was cure-less disease few years ago and many people died due to this disease. Many years of research resulted in the introduction of some treatment methods for cancer. For example, chemotherapy is a very painful procedure of cancer treatment and radiotherapy is the use of radioactive rays to kill cancer cells.

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