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Our Vision

It’s not what is poured into student, but what is planted The fear for just an excellence in academic lines and of new experience among students kills the spirit of adventure in all through the student’s education life; our whole upbringing and education have made us afraid to think contrary to the established pattern of society. Unfortunately, the present system of education is making young minds subservient, mechanical and deeply thoughtless. Though it awakens them intellectually, inwardly it leaves them incomplete, stultified and un-creative. In Oakwood International School the purpose of education is not to produce mere scholars, technicians and job hunters, but integrated youngsters who are free of fear. We develop in them the courage to try new things as every big breakthrough starts as a harebrained idea. We visualize to be the pre-eminent centre of learning to produce future leaders with global prospective.

Our Mission

“ If you want to think 1 year ahead, plant rice. If you want to think 10 years ahead, plant trees. But if you want to think 100 years ahead, give education to children.” The gist of the proverb for the modern education will rightly infer if it just doesn’t mean mere education but the right education in a right place. Despite a huge increase in the number of schools, the quality of education haunts the parents in selecting a school, where the child is unable to meet the expectations of the “Minimum Level of Learning”. Oakwood International School believes that the “destiny of India is shaped in the Classrooms”. So it’s extremely important to provide highly eminent education to the Students which can able to retain them in their real life. We in Oakwood International school provide education in an innovative way where children just don’t see it as a source to out do in the examination but for the escalation of phenomenal knowledge in all their respective interests.

Our Objectives

👉 To provide education for life, excellence in education, and commitment to a meaningful education to all the students.

👉 To equip the students with 21st-century skills to become global citizens.

👉 To provide “Life Skills” as a part of the curriculum to prepare them to become good citizens of the country.

👉Cultivating Academic Minds through the power of Knowledge to provide a safe and invigorating environment to the students for their all-round development.

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We at oakwood believe that purpose, exceptional teaching with demonstrated outcomes are the hallmarks of a great school. Our talented faculty are experts in the disciplines with a deep commitment to student success; they truly get to know each child, providing the challenges, support, and encouragement that fosters learning and personal growth. Our rigorous program of inquiry and study empowers students to exercise their intellectual curiosity, expand their understanding and develop critical skills for future success. Our emphasis on character and values challenges each student to be a person of integrity, a contributing member of our school community, and a thoughtful and involved citizen of change.

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