Online Education. Offline Examination. Are students ready?

Online education is the new normal for both teachers and students. It took a while for both parties to adjust to the new way of academic life. The formal atmosphere, discipline and the camaraderie of classmates were missing here. Struggle with technology and gadgets was another challenge they had overcome. Holding the attention of the wavering young minds was the biggest challenge for teachers and students themselves. But pandemic left them with no choice but to create innovative means to achieve a productive outcome. And as the teachers and the taught waded through, parents continued to be the reliable facilitators in this new realm too.

Be it international schools, public schools or government institutions, the inconvenience was palpable initially. With time, school management, faculty and students picked up the threads and ran the marathon, hurdling over every challenge. They found new ways to connect strongly and achieve goals. Eventually they started surfing over online education without much turbulence. The tech-savvy nature of the new generation helped a lot. But the traditional methods of learning and testing wouldn’t leave your system so easily. While they torqued through the new education techniques through the milestone year, but the examination bit remained a challenge.

What the students learnt online right through the year, will they be able to analyse and implement it as solutions in an offline atmosphere? The online culture might have impacted the earnestness to write an offline examination. The assurance of classroom education gives a certain confidence to the student, who are used to it since many years. Physically attending a classroom goes a long way in building the foundation stronger. The presence of a teacher, their role model behaviour, values that stand by…all of it does have an effect on the students, their education, personality and more. Hence it is important to revert to the traditional way of teaching and learning, as going to school is not just about academics and marks but about complete personality development of the next generation. Hence the hope is truly high during this critical phase, which is also admissions season for the next academic year, which hopefully returns to the traditional ways of conducting academics.

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