In today’s era, education is beyond the confines of the classroom. It is now more about the holistic all-round development of the children. And this is where Oakwood International School is leaving no stone unturned to help students to explore their abilities and is providing them different opportunities to showcase their skills. These include exhibitions, special assemblies, presentations and annual celebrations.

19th November 2022 was a memorable and cheerful day for all the students of Oakwood International School as we conducted our annual EDUFEST modelled on the innovative thoughts and concepts of our students. An EDUFEST is a wonderful opportunity that engages students in widening their horizons by applying their learning into practical models. It develops in them the curiosity to learn more in an interesting and exponential way.

The event was graced by the inspiring presences of our Chief Guest- Dr. Ramesh Kandukuri, Deputy Director, IGNOU whose vast experience in the field of education has set a worthy example for our students to look up to.

Inspired, encouraged and motivated budding Students of Oakwood performed different experiments with great enthusiasm and excitement. They also displayed the wonderful depth and beauty of the Telugu, Hindi and English languages. It was so wonderful to watch our own little Einstein’s and Edison’s come up with beautiful models in Science and Maths to demonstrate what they have learnt .The projects were age appropriate and explained in striking detail by all the participants. The students were eager to answer all the questions of the visitors. The projects were well designed and depicted the concepts beautifully. The language departments also articulated the beauty of our languages and helped the students understand the importance of languages in our educational journey.

The parents were also glad to be provided an opportunity to attend the EDUFEST. It was a crowded affair to see many parents drop by to visit the fest and encourage children. The students were equally zealous to explain the concept of their project /experiment to everyone present. The esteemed Chief Guest for the day, Dr. Ramesh Kandukuri, Deputy Director, IGNOU was delighted and overwhelmed by each child’s performance. He appreciated the efforts by the teachers and academic staff involved for the smooth and successful conduct of the event. The EDUFEST event wrapped up only in the evening with the children going home joyful and satisfied even though they all looked exhausted.

This exhibition made students more confident, creative, future-ready, and learners for life. It also took the parents and visitors, a few decades into their childhood filled with memories of the classrooms with the sound of chalk on the board, the fragrance of books, the voices of our teachers and friends, the experiments which we all did as children and most importantly the best years of life-The School Days.

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