Swami Vivekananda explained education as the manifestation of knowledge already existing in the man. Sri swamy clarified the concept by giving a beautiful example of the generation of a sapling from the seed of a plant.

When a small seed is planted in the soil and watered, the sapling comes out of the seed. It takes water from the soil, life force from the sun and grows into a plant. Subsequently it grows into a huge tree. The growth of a plant depends on the nature of the soil and availability of water and sun light. The basic contents for the growth of the plant are embedded in the seed.

Similarly in the process of education the parents and teachers have to create the required environment for the child to grow naturally. For this reason, the term facilitator is more appropriate in the educational institutions.

The role of a facilitator is very important in the right way of educating the children in the school system. Hence the facilitators should understand the importance of their role in the process of education.

Sri Aurobindo  Ghose a  great  philosopher suggested various methods of teaching  like observation,self discovery activity method teaching with love and sympathy , learning by doing, discussion method ,learning by self experience. Education is learning together.

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